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Global community is closely connected but have daunting task to feed the world, to improve nutritional aspects and to minimize food waste.

Most difficult and complex within the food system is fresh produce supply chain which demands that all the stakeholders to collaborate, foster creativity and innovate.

We are curious and happy to solve complex problems and pledge our support to create lasting value and sustainable impact in fresh produce supply chain while improving local, social, economic and environmental aspects.

We feel our persistent efforts to challenge the status quo will connect like minded people around the globe and intensify the movement for safe and healthy food ecosystem.

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We believe in adherence to high professional standards in our work, human kindness in our dealings with each other and we help the team make the best of their talents.

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We give our team challenging opportunities, recognition for achievement and maximum responsibility. We are custodian of important information and data related to our stakeholders and we ensure to keep it confidential.

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Our teams are empowered with an extraordinary degree of independence. We believe in diversity and people from all walks of life. We challenge the status quo, flexible in approach and designed to evolve.

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We believe that superior service to our partners depends on the high morale of our team. To progress, we stay curious, keep learning and applying. We invest a lot of time and money in training, learning and skilling.

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To make available rightly sourced and safe food by adopting sustainable practices & effective use of technology.

To offer convenience through effective use of technology.

Be a preferred fresh produce category interface to our customers.

Develop accessible market place for farmers, food processors and entrepreneurs in produce supply chain.

Create value for the customers, producers, employees and all stakeholders by optimizing resources.

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To support 1 million F&V farmers in India and cut annual F&V waste by 1 million MT by year 2030.

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We are a Family

We exist to build the business of our customers and suppliers. Our team work together as family and celebrate individual impact because every step forward brings us closer to our vision.

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Earn Respect

We are honest in all of our business interactions with our team members and business partners and expect the same in return. We have respect for everyone by what we say and do.

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Strive for Excellence

We strive to excel in everything we do and encourage simple and creative solutions to customer needs and business challenges. We seek to refine as we go to maximize opportunity and experience.

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Awesome Service

We are committed to deliver high-quality products and awesome services at a superior value. We are always happy to help or serve our customers and suppliers.

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Stay Healthy

Consuming right food is critical to stay healthy for everyone. We encourage sustainable farming techniques, develop better produce handling practices and promote good eating habits.


Nature grows, we deliver


We are fiercely committed to provide awesome service and our team structure enables you to grow your business. Realizing this goal requires the collective efforts of team members who are happy and healthy, who are passionate about the work, derive joy at work and engage in authentic relationships with each other.

Market Linkage Team
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We serve Customers.
The team of wonderful people with desire to excel in Customer Service and Operations. We seek customer inputs, market insights and set expectations for our company. Constantly work towards providing best experience through human interaction while leveraging technology tools.

Farm Linkage Team
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We serve Farmers.
The team comprises of experts in Agronomy, Farm Technology & Supply Chain. We work with farmers & guide them to align crop schedule, harvest and delivery as per market demand. Support farmers on farming practices, upgrade farm side infrastructure, develop skills and promote local produce, local community.

Support Team
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We serve our People.
The team includes Finance, HR & Technology professionals and our fabulous founding partners. We connect people to facilitate collaboration, compliance, connect & continuous improvement. It enables administrative, commercial, technical, transaction support while leadership team ensures focus on the mission with flexibility in approach & care for all.


We feel our persistent efforts to challenge the status quo will connect like-minded people around the globe and intensify the movement for safe, healthy and sustainable food ecosystem. If you are one of them, do join us.

Join The Team
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If you share passion for success, here is an opportunity for you to be a part of fulfilling journey by taking up exciting growth opportunities with us.

Support The Team
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We invite experts, freelancers to guide us and interns from reputed institutions to take up live projects and assignments.

If interested, share your resume or profile to hr@go4fresh.in