For Retailers, Wholesalers, Restaurants, Food Processors, Exporters & Institutional Canteens

Category Solution

Sourcing wide range and full-line of fresh fruits & vegetables with multiple grades and pack sizes to meet your needs inclusive of local produce, exotics, organic and imported. Our fully equipped & safety complaint facilities in Mumbai & Hyderabad delivers 170+ products on a daily basis at your convenience.
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Pre-Season Booking

Many Food Processors & Exporters demand for unique specifications and predefined consumption schedule. We arrange pre-season Buyer-Farmer meetings, identify farms to take up crop plan and extend regular guidance so as to ensure production and delivery as per order schedule. 
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Organic Produce

We have the largest network of growers who had adopted organic and natural farming practices offering comprehensive assortment of F&V to Retailers, Processors & Kitchens. Our facilities are certified & our team validates farm level practices as per NPOP & PGS standards across production, handling & delivery stages.

Custom Packing & Labels

Our facilities are equipped to provide custom packs and private labels in boxes, bags, punnet and wraps which ensure longer shelf life, higher brand recall and value for money while driving volumes as well as profits for you.
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National Distribution

We undertake bulk movement of fresh produce directly from our registered farms to your stores in locations like Bengaluru, Chennai, Cochin, Hyderabad, Delhi NCR, Jaipur, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Indore and Kolkata.
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Export Facilitation

We source, sort, grade, re-pack export cargos as per the specifications. We arrange precooling or cold storage or ripening or drying facilities and maintain traceability documents as per relevant compliances.
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Local Produce

We support local produce grown within 300 km. We identify best farms, clean, grade, sort, pack quality products. We also organize Farmer’s Market at your premises to better connect with people who eat and enjoy the food. Freshness delivered daily, consistently.

Responsible Sourcing

Consumers are socially conscious and we enable them to know all about the source and the journey of the produce. In our pursuit of excellence, we adopt latest technology providing transparent transactions and traceability for our customers.dummy dummy dummy

Bulk Packs

Providing Retailers & Restaurants daily availability and choice of leading brands in quality fresh produce at best prices. Pick-up wholesale packs from our Distributor Partners or avail door step delivery on select pin codes across Mumbai. To buy or know more...



Nature grows, we deliver


For Small and Marginal Farmers, Farmers Groups, FPO's & Aggregators



Sell Your Produce

We help farmers in decision making by sharing market information, forecast and pricing options. Our market tie-ups guarantee the payments, help you expand your reach and develop crop portfolio. We strive to increase the producer’s share in the price realized from the customers.
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Custom Farming

We firmly believe in demand & data driven agriculture combined with human connect and local knowhow. We arrange Buyer-Farmer Meetings to facilitate off-take. Our Field Officers guides you in crop selection, planning, practices, farm monitoring and harvest to deliver as per customer schedule.
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Sustainable Farming

We care for you and strive to conserve nature so as to enrich soil health, improve water quality, increase biodiversity, conserve native seeds, restore local climate and improve health of farming community. We help you in adoption of sustainable, organic, natural farming and handling practices in line with standards like GAP, NPOP, NOP & PGS.

Shared Infrastructure

We facilitate local community to build and upgrade farm-side pack houses, pre cooling and dehydration units to collect, clean, grade, sort, pack, store and transport the fresh produce.
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Brand Your Produce

We upgrade your produce by positioning with right customer segments, premium branding, improved packaging and value addition.
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Financial Assistance

We partner with leading financial institutes, social funds and government organizations to support small, marginal farmers and progressive farmers to adopt better farming practices, irrigation systems, green houses, post-harvest infra & logistics. We facilitate finance options for you to build & upgrade farm side capacities and working capital.