Integrating Sellers and Buyers of Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

We connect fresh produce farmers with customers through a collaborative approach.

To develop a sustainable ecosystem, we support small farmers, local produce, local communities and the nature.

Offering a wide range of conventional, organic, exotic fresh Fruits & Vegetables through direct farm sourcing and distribution to Retailers,

Wholesale Buyers, Restaurants, Food Processors, Exporters and Institutional Canteens.


A movement against Fruits & Vegetables wastage by passionate agripreneurs driven by



Cater multiple customer segments and link aggregated demand to farms to source full harvest.



Preserve shelf life by use of right technologies, practices, knowhow and data insights.


Value Addition

Upgrade farm side infra to add value at source and distribute through efficient logistics systems.



Partner with farmers, customers & service providers to create vibrant fresh produce community where all stakeholders can happily co-exist and thrive.




Delivered to Customers within shortest time from the harvest


Safe & Hygienic

Quality produce sourced from verified farms, stored and handled in safe, clean and right conditions


Reliable Service

Our motivated team ensures customised experience to offer convenience all the time



Trusted partner in fresh produce ecosystem by solving problems & delivering superior value

Nature grows, we deliver

Global community is facing a twin challenge of providing adequate food and nutrition to billions and reduce wastage of millions of tons of food.  To take the task head on world decided to end all forms of hunger till 2030 (SDG 2).

The solution of this challenge lies in improving fresh produce supply chain. To do that we need sustainable innovation, and collaborative efforts of all stakeholders.,

go4fresh deploy innovative solutions, designed according to local context. So, we can address challenges emerging out of supply chain management.

Our persistent efforts to change the ecosystem will bring likeminded people together. Which will help us in achieving the vision of sustainable and inclusive food ecosystem.

To develop inclusive technology driven marketplaces. So, we can increase value for farmers, customers, and entrepreneurs

To develop modern supply chain management practices using innovation and technology, to create maximum value for farmers and customers

To offer customers fresh, safe and healthy products.

To make vegetables and fruits shopping a convenient experience

To support 1 million F&V farmers in India by 2030, and cut F&V waste significantly

We are a Family

We work as a family to create value for our customers and farmers. We celebrate collective and individual success story; every story brings us closer to our mission.

Earn Respect

We build out relations on mutual trust and respect with farmers, customers, and other stakeholders. We show our gratitude by our work

Strive for Excellence

We strive to excel in everything we do. We encourage simple and creative solutions to customer needs and business challenges. We seek to refine as we go to maximize opportunity and experience.

Awesome Service

We are committed to deliver high-quality products and awesome services at a superior value. We are always happy to help or serve our customers and suppliers.

Stay Healthy

Consuming nutritious and health food is a basic human right. We encourage green and sustainable farming techniques, innovative produce handling and healthy eating.


We believe in adherence to high professional standards in our work. Human kindness in our dealings with each other and we help the team make the best of their talents.


We give our team challenges and celebrate their achievement. We trust the team to act responsibly


Our team works with an extraordinary degree of independence. We believe in diversity, so people from all diversity can happily work with us. .


We believe that superior service to our stakeholders depends on the high morale of our team. To progress, we stay curious. We invest a lot of time and money in training, learning and skilling.

Nature grows, we deliver


Market Linkage Team

We serve Customers.
The team of wonderful people with desire to excel in customer relations management. We seek customer inputs, market insights and set expectations for our company. Constantly work towards providing best experience through human interaction while leveraging technology tools.

Farm Linkage Team

We serve Farmers.
Our team comprises of experts in agronomy, farm technology & supply chain management. We work with farmers and develop their capacity. We work with farmers to build a sustainable future together.

Support Team

We serve our People.

The team includes Finance, HR & Technology professionals. We connect people to facilitate collaboration and growth. While enabling leader to grow we provide administrative and technical support.

Fresh Careers

We feel our persistent efforts to challenge the status quo will connect like-minded people around the globe and intensify the movement for safe, healthy and sustainable food ecosystem. If you are one of them, do join us.

Join The Team

We serve Customers.
The team of wonderful people with desire to excel in Customer Service and Operations. We seek customer inputs, market insights and set expectations for our company. Constantly work towards providing best experience through human interaction while leveraging technology tools.

Support The Team

We serve Farmers.
The team comprises of experts in Agronomy, Farm Technology & Supply Chain. We work with farmers & guide them to align crop schedule, harvest and delivery as per market demand. Support farmers on farming practices, upgrade farm side infrastructure, develop skills and promote local produce, local community.

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